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12.0 Course Descriptions

CRSS 100: Introduction to Criminology

(45/0: CF 3.0) Y1S1

Introduction to Criminology, Classification and Measurement of Crime, the concept of Crime, Homicide, Robbery, Violence and Gun control, Family crimes, rape and sexual assault, Terrorism, Burglary/stealing, drugs and substance abuse related crimes, organized crimes.

CRSS 101: Introduction to Criminal

Law (45/0: CF 3.0) Y1S1

Introduction to criminal law, theft, robbery, burglary, murder, abortion, Narcotics, sexual offenses, corruption, assault and indecent assault, requirement of culpability in general, unlawfulness. Administration of law and the right to be heard.

CRSS 102: Juvenile Criminology (45/0: CF

3.0) Y1S1

Individual perspectives on delinquency, social structures and delinquency, social process approach to delinquency, social reaction perspectives on delinquency, family and delinquency, peer groups and delinquency, schools and delinquency, drug use and delinquency, controlling juvenile offenders, gender and delinquency, suicide and

Delinquency, treatment and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders.

CRSS 103: Introduction to Theories of

Crime(45/0: CF 3.0) Y1S2

Classical school, positive school, differential association, anomie theory, cultural conflict theory labeling theory, radical criminology, feminist criminology, administrative criminology, psychological, criminology, biological approach, strain theory.

EPSC 121: Introduction to Psychology

(30/30: CF 3.0) Y1S1

Introduction to Psychology and Counselling, Biological Foundations, Personality and Counselling, Emotions in Counselling, Memory in Counselling, Cognitions in Counselling: (A) Thinking and Information Processing, Decision- Making, Problem Solving, Sensation and Perception, Introduction to Consciousness and States of Consciousness, Altered States of Consciousness, Social Psychology of Self and Relationships.

SOCI 104: Introduction to Social Work

(30/30: CF 3.0) Y2S1

Introduction to Group Work, Theoretical Approaches to Group Work, developmental Phases in Group Work, Administration of Group Work, Integration to Research, Ethical and Professional Issues, Group Processes, Types of Group Youths, Observation Group Supervision, Workshops and communal responsibility service delivery and work ethics.

CRSS 104: Theories of Psychological

Counselling(45/0: CF 3.0) Y1S2

Introduction to Theories of Psychological Counselling, Psychoanalytic Counselling, Behavioural Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (R.E.B.T), Person-Centered Counselling, Gestalt Counselling, Solution- Focused Brief Counselling, Egan’s Developmental Eclecticism, Susan Gilmore’s Comprehensive Theory of Eclectic/Integrative

Counselling, Personal Construct Theory,Transactional Analysis (TA), Introduction to Family Systems and Frankles’

CRSS 105: Counselling in the Criminal

Justice(45/0: CF 3.0) Y1S2

Introduction to Counselling in Criminal Justice System, Counselling Relationship, Counselling skills: Theory, Counselling Skills: Practice, Introduction to Group Work, Counselling Process in Criminal Justice Beginning Stage,

Counselling Process in Criminal Justice Counselling –Middle Phase, Counselling Process in the Criminal Justice Counselling–The Ending phase of Counselling, Group Counselling – Eclectic Group counselling, Group Counselling Practice, Effectiveness of Counselling in Criminal Justice System, Clinical Practicum


12.0 Course Descriptions

CRIM 701: Theories of Crime (45/0: 3.0 CF)


Introduction to theories of crime, physiological,genetic, psychological, and psychiatric theories of criminal behaviour. Crime, Criminal justice and Social control; Historical and Contemporary scope and aims of criminological theory. scope and aims of criminological theory.Theoretical constructs, research strategies and claims to knowledge. Theoretical understanding of crime and criminality, occurrence, distribution and their contested character. Traditional theories of criminal behaviour. Origins of traditional, interdisciplinary, and theoretical frameworks of delinquency, deviant behaviour and other types of crimes.

CRIM 702: Qualitative Research Methods

(45/0: 3.0 CF) Y1S1

Main types of qualitative research. Case study, grounded theory, phenomenology, ethnography and historical. Types of qualitative data collection and analysis. Interactive interviewing focus group discussions, written descriptions by participants, participant observations, observations. Criticisms of qualitative research methods.

CRIM 703: Kenyan Penal System (45/0: 3.0

  1. CF) Y1S1

Definition of Law. Sources of Law. The Kenyan Legal System. The Structure of the Kenyan

Courts. Court Jurisdiction –civil and criminal cases. Criminal Process; Arraigning, Charging, Pleading, Objections and Applications. Trial;Stages of trial and post trial. Prosecution; role and qualities of a prosecutor. Role of the defence in criminal trial. Drafting charges. Rules for drafting charges. Amendment of charges. Evidence and types of evidence. Relevance and admissibility of evidence.Examination of witnesses; examination in-chief cross examination, re-examination. Court etiquette. Competence of witnesses. Privileges of witnesses. Compellability of witnesses.Categories of witnesses. Practicals.

CRIM 704: Quantitative Research Methods

(45/0: CF 3.0) Y2S2

Overview and background. Generation of models, theories and hypotheses. Sampling techniques. The development of instruments and methods for measurements. Experimental control and manipulation of variables. Collection of empirical data. Modelling and analysis of data and interpretation of results. Statistics in quantitative research. Internal validity and external validity; pre-test and posttest. Measurement in quantitative research.

CRIM 705: Criminal Justice Management

(45/0: CF 3.0) Y2S2

Structure and organisation of criminal justice; Criminal justice procedures; Management of criminal justice organisations; Criminal court systems; Court processes; Policing and criminal justice. Ethical issues in criminal justice; Case studies.

CRIM 706: Public Administration (45/0: CF

3.0) Y2S2

Definition of concepts, systems and administration and public administration. Types of governments and nature of administrative systems. Dominant ideologies, gender and the nature of administrative systems. Levels of development, reforms and modern administration. Organisational dynamics of the police service. Behaviour, structure and work environment. Strategic planning, control and management models. Police management statistics and political governance of policing in the government.

CRIM 707: Public Relations (45/0: CF 3.0)


Importance and purpose of public relations in criminal justice system. Contemporary trends of public relations. The role of public relations on organizational management, public relations tactics in written communication, dealing with media, crisis situations, ethical and legal issues. Planning, strategies, management and evaluation.

CRIM 708: Research Seminars (30/30: CF

2.0) Y2S2

Presentation of research proposals and assignments. Data processing. Critical review of empirical scholarly work. Scholarly and scientific writing-journal articles and preparation. Scholarly presentations.justice systems. Juvenile criminal justice systems. Institutions to deal with youth crime. Attitudes and perception of youth crime and

juvenile delinquency. Youth in justice systems. Crime prevention, punishment and treatment of juvenile and youth.

CRIM 716: Contemporary Problems in

Criminology (45/0: CF 3.0) Y2S2

Review of current/contemporary crime topics, problems and solutions. Analysis of critical crime trends. Concerns, emerging issues in crime and crime management. (Submission of term papers as assignment)

CRIM 717: Domestic Crimes and

Community Policing (45/0: CF

3.0) Y2S2

Crimes in homes; violence, homicide and suicide. Domestic relations and crime. Community policing in relation to households. Role of community policing in curbing domestic crimes. Crime prevention.

CRIM 718: Culture, Gender , Crime and

Criminal Justice (45/0: CF 3.0)


Definitions and concepts in culture and crime; culture and crime in different societies, criminal cultures and sub cultures; socio-cultural dynamics in crime; Gang cultures. Definition of key concepts. Gender, Sex; crime and their control/prevention. Patterns of crimes and gender: Cases studies; Policy issues in gender and crime. Gender issues in criminal justice.

CRIM 719: Intelligence-Led Policing (45/0:

CF 3.0) Y2S2

Intelligence Issues; tactiful intelligence versus strategic intelligence; overview of intelligence history; Law enforcement intelligence; intelligence operations; intelligence infrastructure; state and local law enforcement intelligence operations; community-oriented policing and problem solving and information sharing; development of analytical techniques, training and technical assistance; writing intelligence policies and procedures; blending intelligence and problem-oriented policing.

CRIM 720: Ethics and Criminal Justice

(45/0: CF 3.0) Y2S2

The meaning of ethics; normative ethics; applied ethics; value of ethics; importance of ethics in criminal justice; theories of moral and ethical behaviour; ethical relativism; cultural relativism; ethical absolutism; ethical pluralism. Religion and ethical standards. Ethics and natural law; ethics and law; ethical dilemmas; Ethical issues in criminal justice; moral behaviour; developing moral and ethical behaviour; ethics and the courts; ethics and corrections; the ethics of punishment, policy and management issues, professionalism; pride and ethics for practitioners; Ethical leadership and policy-making.

CRIM 798: Project (270/0: CF 7.0) Y2S2

Choice of topic. Problem identification, Formulation and justification of research problem. Review of literature and theories. Design of research methodology and data collection instruments. Data analysis, field research and project report writing.

CRIM 799: Thesis (45/15: CF 3.0) Y2

The candidates shall be required to choose a research topic they are interested in and formulate a research problem; review existing or related literature; write research proposal, carry out research; write a thesis report according graduate school guideline. The thesis research will be guided by university supervisors.

CDEV 110: Introduction to Community

Development (45/0: CF 3.0)


Interdisciplinary approach in the study of community development; the family tree; the family structure; community formation; community development theories; multiculturalism and Ethnicity.

CDEV 111: Introduction to Development

Studies (45/0: CF 3.0) Y1S1

Meaning of development; principles and concepts; theories of development; development problems, policies, growth and poverty; development planning, human resource development.; characteristics of local development, context in which welfare and community development are planned and implemented; review of existing planning and development practices; factors increasing voluntary participation in development .

CDEV 120: Social Psychology of Families

and Communities (30/0: CF 2.0)


Theories of social psychology in relation to family and community development; social structure and communication within the family and community, social psychological traits, social desirability and impression management in relation to family and community development; effects of self-schema and social behavior on the family and community; Family and community interaction; Introduction and management of change in a family and in a community organization; Sex roles and gender identity.

CDEV 130: Family Development (45/0: CF

3.0) Y1S2

Theories of family development; Developmental characteristics, behavior and interpersonal relations among family members in various stages of family life cycle; Parentchild interrelations; Family crisis including adolescence, menopause, retirement e.t.c.; Interrelationship between various stages of family life cycle and/or with community development.

CDEV 140: Early Childhood Development

(30/30: CF 3.0) Y1S2

Examination of growth and development from conception through middle childhood in the family; Child health in relation to the type of family, sex, environmental conditions e.g. street children; The role of peers and schools in the community; The role of family and community ethics on the development of the child; Observations at selected community institutions e.g. orphanages, boarding primary schools.


12.0 Course Descriptions

COSE 710: Extension in Community

Development (45/0: CF 3.0) Y1S1

Analysis of application of models of extension within family and community development context. Examination of the development of extension approaches and strategies: Verticaland horizontal approaches. Review of extension models and approaches in relation to sustainable family and community improvement.

COSE 711: Advances in Community

Mobilization (30/30: CF 3.0)


Analysis of mechanisms of capacity building and organisation in family and community improvement: Participatory approaches, socioeconomic and gender analysis approach. Family-focused community building. Formation and functioning of community based organisations in development. Networking and community action in rural and urban change. Student observations and analysis of community projects and presentations of reports.

COSE 713: Seminars in Community Studies

(0/60: CF 2.0) Y1S2

Critical analysis and discussion on contemporary issues in the family and the community. Issues relating to development, human rights and society, health, education, and environment. Individual research and presentation on topical issues on family and community development.

COSE 714: Theories of Family Development

(30/0: CF 2.0) Y1S1

Theories of family development such as systems theory, symbolic interaction theory, family developmental theory, structural functional theory, ecological theory. Strengths and weakness of the theories. Applications of family theories on current issues in family development. Emphasis placed on research literature and applications across the life span.

COSE 715: Approaches to Community

Change (30/0: CF 2.0) Y1S1

Critical analysis of community development theories and models: self-help, technical assistance, conflict, asset-based model, trickles down theories. Social impact assessment. Organisational collaboration and networking as a strategy for community change.

COSE 716: Practicum (0/120: CF 4.0) End of

Year 1

Attachment to organisations involved in community development. Students to critically analyse the organisations with respect to constitution; target groups; human capital development; partnership; development strategies and approaches; and activities in livelihood improvement. Reports incorporating student’s concrete contributions for organization improvement. (8WEEKS)

COSE 721: Critical Issues in Food

Production and Security

Agricultural potential in African countries. Sustainable productivity in Agriculture: input acquisition, land tenure and management, ruralurban migration, education, population trends, gender, production technology. Food production and distribution policies and practices: local and word markets, infrastructure, agriculture information systems; production diversification. Food security, poverty and hunger; ethics and hunger; food prices and subsidies. IT in food production and security. Market contacts and financial information.

COSE 722: Community Resource and


Resource mapping. Critical analysis of Community resource; Human, economic, natural and man-made, social resources. Theoretical frameworks for sustainable livelihood; theories, policy models and guidelines for networking and organization of resource. Social and organization networks in resource management for sustainable livelihood.

Indigenous knowledge in management of community resources. Leadership and management of community resources.

COSE 723: Gender and Development

Theories of gender and development. Feminist critiques of development theory and practice. Gender family and community. Analysis of case studies in gender: economic, political, educational, industrial, agricultural, and legal issues. Human resource mapping and engendering, and appropriation of resources.

COSE 724: Social Entrepreneurship

Theories and frameworks of social entrepreneurship and their relation development. Application of theories of learning; demand and supply to social entrepreneurship development. Analysis of the policies governing entrepreneurship development and development models. Mapping of resources and networking as a strategy in social entrepreneurship development. Comparative analysis of social entrepreneurial activities and trends in communities and their contribution to development.

COSE 725: Comparative Project Planning and Management

Community developments and programs in socio-economic change. The process of project and program planning and management. Project versus program approach in the development agenda in developing countries. Review of appropriateness, sustainability and cost effectiveness of community development project plans; implementation; Evaluation and monitoring of different projects. Information technology in project research and resource organization.

COSE 726: Appropriate Technology

A critical analysis of indigenous and conventional technologies in product enhancement in the community: Shelter, food processing, health and sanitation technologies. Trend in technology development, IT in transfer and adoption of technology. Emerging issues in technology development, transfer, adoption and diffusion. Impact of technology on social, economic, psychological and physical changes of families and communities in developing countries.

COSE 731: Family in the Changing Society

Theoretical framework and measurement in family change. Effects of modernisation and the functioning of family systems. Positive and negative aspects of changes in the families. Orphans, street families and children, child headed families, problems of adolescents and youth created by the impact of institutional structures, correction measures and community based rehabilitation programs.

COSE 732: Youth and Development

Examination of developmental trends on youths. Ecological perspectives on youth and development. Importance of investing in youths. Critical analysis of challenges facing youths in development. Activities and services for youthsin development in their communities.

COSE 733: Family Economic Behaviour and


The family as an income producing and allocating unit. Theory and applications of the economics of household decision-making. The family as the supplier and demander of economic inputs and outputs. The interrelationship between demographic and economic family characteristics and well- being, savings, investments and retirement issues. Policies affecting production and consumption behaviour of families.

COSE 734: Family Laws and Policies

Family policies; legislative process and their impact on family development. Role of professionals in interpreting and influencing public policies. Opportunities for students to investigate specific family laws and policies. Laws protecting families and communities e.g. inheritance laws.

COSE 735: Family Violence and Conflict


Critical analysis of family violence. Prevalence and current trends. Institutionally sanctioned violence. Macro and micro linkages to family violence. Legal processing of abuse cases by police and courts. Redress for the abused victims. Agencies against family violence e.g. women’s movement, FIDA, Non-governmental organizations. Intervening in family and community violence.

COSE 736: Contemporary Issues in Family

Therapy and Counseling

Cross cultural issues in family counseling. Counseling services in the community. Working with institutions in the community in identifying counseling issues and problems. Identifying barriers to change and planning intervention strategies in family counseling. Management of victims and situations.

COSE 799: Thesis

The course includes identification of a researchable problem, review of relevant literature, designing the study, developing instruments, piloting, data collection, collection data analysis writing and defense of Thesis.

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