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Egerton University has a well established and equipped Library that serves the university’s learning and research information needs.


The Library’s vision is to become an excellent information center for academic and research activities of the Egerton University community.


Its mission is to support the teaching, learning and research needs of the University community by providing access to relevant information resources, disseminating research information and giving quality user – centered services using modern Information Technologies.


i) To ensure 100% accessibility of the Library print and non-print information resources to staff and students as per the rules and regulations

ii) To ensure 100% preservation and dissemination of information resources

iii) To ensure continued increase in student information resources ratio from 1:21 to 1:23 by 2018


Membership of the library is open to registered students and staff.

Registration will be done within the first month after admission in the first year subject to undergoing orientation


The Librarian reserves the right to demand identification from registered members and may withhold admission into the library.

University identification cards must be shown at the library entrance. External users shall produce national identification cards.


The number of books a user is allowed to borrow:
a) Undergraduate students – 1 book for one day/ 1 short loan book for one hour.
b) Postgraduate students – 1 book for one day/ 1 short loan book for one hour.
c) Full-time lecturers – 1 book for three days / 1 short loan book for one hour.

  1. d) Part-time lecturers-Should borrow books through the coordinator.

The Librarian may recall, withhold or restrict the circulation of any information resource in the library. Reserved/Short loan resources may be borrowed for use in the library for a maximum of 1 hour and may be renewed. All materials on loan must be returned on or before the time/date due. A book will be assumed lost after the third reminder and shall therefore be paid for. Materials declared lost and charged for will only be accepted back at the convenience of the library. Due date will lose their membership privileges. Borrowers are held responsible for any damage or loss of information materials‚ and should inspect them before borrowing.

5.1 Library charges

Overdue library materials will be charged a fine of;
a) Long loan Kshs.5/= per day.
b) Short loan Kshs.5/= for the first hour and Kshs.10/- for every subsequent hour.

Fines must be paid promptly.
Readers borrowing privileges shall be withheld until payment of fines is made.  The Library reserves the right of suspending ones all the accumulated fines are cleared.

Lost and damaged books

For lost information materials, borrowers will be charged;
a) Three times the cost of a book in print.

  1. b) Five times the cost of a book out of print
  2. c) Or replace with same title edition plus 25% administrative costs.

For damaged information materials, borrowers will be charged twice the cost of replacement or repair. Damaged materials will remain in the Library until payment due is received.

A user attempting to remove a resource from the library in an unauthorized manner shall be taken to security and fined Kshs.500./-, have his/her membership suspended‚ and taken to the University Disciplinary Committee.


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